Platten Rückwerts Spielen

A truly unique modification / upgrade for Technics DJ turntables.

The revTech 1200 is a smart plug-and-play reversing module,
designed for the Techincs SL-1200 and 1210 series of decks.

Virtually all variations of  decks are supported – see the ‚Fitting‘ tab

It offers visual and / or audio indications of the direction selected
to the DJ – this is essential when performing in a club enviroment.

Taking just a few minutes to install, you can be playing in no time.

No soldering required or holes to drill, no special tools to fit it.
All that’s required is a small common philips / pozidrive screwdriver.

With reverse mode active, the pitch control, quartz lock, braking
speed and start-stop functions, all behave exactly as normal.

Designed and assembled in England, it is built using the highest quality components sourced from Japan, Germany and America.

A conformal coated double-sided glass fibre PCB, SMD chip components and gold connectors, are used for ultimate reliabilty.